Int’l Journal

Early AccessMTPA Tracking Control of Sensorless IPMSM Based on Square-Wave Voltage Signal InjectionIEEE-TPEJ. Yoo; H. Kim; S. Sul
Early AccessStator Winding Temperature and Magnet Temperature Estimation of IPMSM Based on High-Frequency Voltage Signal InjectionIEEE-TIEH. Kim; H. Jung; S. Sul
Early AccessVariable DC Voltage Shipboard Power System with Permanent Magnet Generator and Diode Front EndIEEE-TTES. Ko; Y. Son; S. Sul
2022Real-time Torque Control of IPMSM under Flux VariationsIEEE-JESTPEH. Kim; S. Sul
2022High-Fidelity Induction Motor Simulation Model Based on Finite Element AnalysisIEEE-TIEJ. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2022Parallel Operation of Permanent Magnet Generators and Diode Rectifiers in Maritime DC Power System Considering Fuel EconomyIEEE-TTEY. Kim; Y. Son; S. Ko; S. Sul
2022Permanent Magnet Temperature Estimation in a Mass-Produced Traction Motor for an Electric VehicleIEEE-TTEH. Jung;H. Kim;S. Sul;D. J. Berry
2022Dynamic Overmodulation Scheme for Improved Current Regulation in PMSM DrivesIEEE-TPEJ. Yoo; S. Sul
2022Online MTPA Operation of IPMSM based on Dual-Loop Control in Polar CoordinatesIEEE-TPEH. Kim; J. Yoo; S. Sul
2022Design of Frequency-Adaptive Flux Observer in PMSM Drives Robust to Discretization ErrorIEEE-TIEJ. Yoo; H. Kim; S. Sul
2022Normalization of Capacitor-Discharge I2t by Short-Circuit Fault in VSC-based DC SystemIEEE-TPES. Lee; Y. Son; H. Cho; S. Sul
Recent Advances in Sensorless Drive of Interior Permanent-Magnet Motor Based on Pulsating Signal InjectionIEEE-JESTPEY. Kwon; J. Lee; S. Sul
2021Resonance Suppression Method for Grid-Connected Converter with LCL filter under Discontinuous PWMIEEE-ACCESSH. -S. Kim; S. -K. Sul
2021Identification of IPMSM Flux-Linkage Map for High-Accuracy Simulation of IPMSM Drives IEEE-TPEJ. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2021DC Bus Voltage Regulation Strategy in Maritime DC Power System for Minimized Converter LossIEEE-TPEJ. Yun; Y. Son; H. Cho; S. Sul
2021Magnet Temperature Estimation of Traction Motor in Standstill with Considering Spatial HarmonicsIEEE-TIEH. Jung; H. Kim; S. Sul; D. Berry
2021Analysis of Instability in Torque Control of Sensorless PMSM Drives in Flux Weakening RegionIEEE-TPEJ. Yoo; J. Lee; S. Sul
2021Torque Ripple-Minimizing Control of IPMSM with Optimized Current TrajectoryIEEE-TIAH. Cho; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2021Inverter Nonlinearity Compensation through Dead Time Effect EstimationIEEE-TPEJ. Lee; S. Sul
2021Time-Optimal Voltage Vector Transition Scheme for Six-Step Operation of PMSMIEEE-TPEH. Cho; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2021Magnet Temperature Estimation of IPMSM by Using Fundamental Reactive Energy Considering Variation of InductancesIEEE-TPEH. Jung; H. Kim; S. Sul; D. Berry
2020Maritime DC Power System With Generation Topology Consisting of Combination of Permanent Magnet Generator and Diode RectifierIEEE-TTEY. Son; S. Lee; S. Ko; Y. Kim; S. Sul
2020Stator Resistance Estimation Using DC Injection With Reduced Torque Ripple in Induction Motor Sensorless DrivesIEEE-TIAJ. Yoo; J. Lee; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch
2020Signal-Injection Sensorless Control With Tilted Current Reference for Heavily Saturated IPMSMsIEEE-TPEJ. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2020Analysis of Current Flowing Through Disabled Converters in Parallel AC/DC Power Conversion SystemIEEE-TPEY. Son; S. Sul
2020Distortion-Minimizing Flux Observer for IPMSM Based on Frequency-Adaptive ObserversIEEE-TPEH. Kim; S. Sul; H. Yoo; J. Oh
2020A Novel Filter Structure to Suppress Circulating Currents Based on the Sequence of Sideband Harmonics for High-Power Interleaved Motor-Drive SystemsIEEE-TPES. Ohn; H. Jung; D. Boroyevich; S. Sul
2019Online MTPA Control of IPMSM Based on Robust Numerical Optimization TechniqueIEEE-TIAH. Kim; Y. Lee; S. Sul; J. Yu; J. Oh
2019Balancing of Submodule Capacitor Voltage of Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converter Under DC-Bus Voltage Variation of HVDC SystemIEEE-TPEJ. Lee; J. Jung; S. Sul
2019Non-Invasive Magnet Temperature Estimation of IPMSM Based on High-Frequency Inductance With a Pulsating High-Frequency Voltage Signal InjectionIEEE-TIAH. Jung; D. Park; H. Kim; S. Sul; D. J. Berry
2019Decomposed Current Controller for a Paralleled Inverter With a Small Interfaced InductorIEEE-TPEH. Jung; S. Sul
2019Extending Operational Limit of IPMSM in Signal-Injection Sensorless Control by Manipulation of Convergence PointIEEE-TIAY. Kwon; J. Lee; S. Sul
2019Control Strategy of DC-Link Voltage for Single-Phase Back-to-Back Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter for MV Drive With Interfacing Transformer Having Tertiary WindingIEEE-TPEJ. Yoo; H. Jung; S. Sul
2019Discrete-Time Voltage Controller for Voltage Source Converters With LC Filter Based on State-Space ModelsIEEE-TIAH. Kim; H. Jung; S. Sul
2019Analysis on Position Estimation Error in Position-Sensorless Operation of IPMSM Using Pulsating Square Wave Signal InjectionIEEE-TIAC. Hwang; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2019Control Strategy of Single-Phase Active Front-End Cascaded H-Bridge Under Cell Fault ConditionIEEE-TPEY. Lee; J. Yoo; H. Jung; S. Sul
2019A Modular Multilevel Converter with a Zigzag Transformer for Bipolar MVDC Distribution SystemsIEEE-TPES. Cui; J. Lee; J. Hu; R. W. De Doncker; S. Sul
2018Minimum Torque Ripple Pulse Width Modulation With Reduced Switching Frequency for Medium-Voltage Motor DriveIEEE-TIAH. Jung; C. Hwang; H. Kim; S. Sul; A. Hee-Won; H. Yoo
2018Pulsewidth Modulation Strategy in Double-Delta Sourced WindingIEEE-TIAY. Park; S. Sul
2018A Comprehensive AC-Side Single-Line-to-Ground Fault Ride Through Strategy of an MMC-Based HVDC SystemIEEE-JESTPES. Cui; H. Lee; J. Jung; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2018Model-Based Sensorless Control of an IPMSM With Enhanced Robustness Against Load Disturbances Based on Position and Speed Estimator Using a Speed ErrorIEEE-TIAY. Lee; S. Sul
2018A Damping Scheme for Switching Ringing of Full SiC MOSFET by Air Core PCB CircuitIEEE-TPEJ. Kim; D. Shin; S. Sul
2018DC Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control for Delta-Connected Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM Considering Unbalanced Grid and Load ConditionsIEEE-TPEJ. Jung; J. Lee; S. Sul; G. T. Son; Y. Chung
2017Sensorless control of IPMSM for last 10 years and next 5 yearsCES-TEMS. Sul; Y. Kwon; Y. Lee
2017Parallel Operation of Inverters With Isolated DC Link for Minimizing Sharing InductorIEEE-TIAH. Jung; J. Yoo; S. Sul; H. Lee; C. Hong
2017Reduction of Injection Voltage in Signal Injection Sensorless Drives Using a Capacitor-Integrated InverterIEEE-TPEY. Kwon; S. Sul
2017Analysis and Compensation of Inverter Nonlinearity for Three-Level T-Type InvertersIEEE-TPEH. Kim; Y. Kwon; S. Chee; S. Sul
2017Frequency-Adaptive Observer to Extract AC-Coupled Signals for Grid SynchronizationIEEE-TIAY. Park; H. Kim; S. Sul
2017Vector Control of Double-Delta Sourced Winding for a Dual-Winding Induction MachineIEEE-TIAY. Park; J. Yoo; S. Sul
2017A New Topology of Multilevel VSC Converter for a Hybrid HVDC Transmission SystemIEEE-TPEJ. Jung; S. Cui; J. Lee; S. Sul
2017Stability-Oriented Design of Frequency Drift Anti-Islanding and Phase-Locked Loop Under Weak GridIEEE-JESTPEB. Kim; S. Sul
2016Control and Analysis of Engine Governor for Improved Stability of DC Microgrid Against Load DisturbanceIEEE-JESTPES. Choe; Y. Son; S. Sul
2016Shaping of PWM Converter Admittance for Stabilizing Local Electric Power SystemsIEEE-JESTPEB. Kim; S. Sul
2016Design, Modeling, and Control of an IPMSM With an Asymmetric Rotor and Search Coils for Absolute Position Sensorless DriveIEEE-TIAY. Kwon; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch; S. Morimoto; M. Ohto
2016A Comprehensive DC Short-Circuit Fault Ride Through Strategy of Hybrid Modular Multilevel Converters (MMCs) for Overhead Line TransmissionIEEE-TPES. Cui; S. Sul
2016Improved Design of IPMSM for Sensorless Drive With Absolute Rotor Position Estimation CapabilityIEEE-TIAY. Kwon; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch; S. Murakami; S. Morimoto
2016Suppression of Injection Voltage Disturbance for High-Frequency Square-Wave Injection Sensorless Drive With Regulation of Induced High-Frequency Current RippleIEEE-TIAD. Kim; Y. Kwon; S. Sul; J. Kim; R. Yu
2016Linear Overmodulation Strategy for Current Control in Photovoltaic InverterIEEE-TIAY. Park; S. Sul; K. Hong
2015Modeling and Controller Design for a SEries-Connected Output Universal Link ConverterIEEE-TIAM. Kim; S. Sul; A. Yoo
2015Common-Mode Voltage Reduction of Three-Level Four-Leg PWM ConverterIEEE-TIAS. Chee; S. Ko; H. Kim; S. Sul
2015Control Strategy for Improved Dynamic Performance of Variable-Speed Drives With Modular Multilevel ConverterIEEE-JESTPEJ. Jung; H. Lee; S. Sul
2014Compensation of Current Measurement Error for Current-Controlled PMSM DrivesIEEE-TIAM. Kim; S. Sul; J. Lee
2014Sensorless Control Method for PMSM Based on Frequency-Adaptive Disturbance ObserverIEEE-JESTPEY. Park; S. Sul
2014Six-Step Operation of PMSM With Instantaneous Current ControlIEEE-TIAY. Kwon; S. Kim; S. Sul
2014Design and Control of IPMSM Sensorless Drive for Mechanical Rotor Position Estimation CapabilityIEEE-JESTPEY. Kwon; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch; S. Murakami; S. Morimoto
2014Sensorless Control of Synchronous Machine With an Inverter Integrated RotorIEEE-TIAS. Choe; E. Jung; S. Sul
2014Control of Three-Phase Inverter for AC Motor Drive With Small DC-Link Capacitor Fed by Single-Phase AC SourceIEEE-TIAH. Jung; S. Chee; S. Sul; Y. Park; H. Park; W. Kim
2014Sensorless Control for Induction Machines Based on Square-Wave Voltage InjectionIEEE-TPEY. Yoon; S. Sul
2014Phase-Locked Loop Based on an Observer for Grid SynchronizationIEEE-TIAY. Park; S. Sul; W. Kim; H. Lee
2014Implementation Schemes to Compensate for Inverter Nonlinearity Based on Trapezoidal VoltageIEEE-TIAY. Park; S. Sul
2014DC-Link Voltage Stabilization for Reduced DC-Link Capacitor InverterIEEE-TIAW. Lee; S. Sul
2014Electric Propulsion Naval Ships with Energy Storage Modules through AFE ConvertersJPE김소연,최세화,고상기,김성민,설승기
2014Multi-Level Operation with Two-Level Converters through a Double-Delta Source Connected TransformerJPE박용순,온성재,설승기
2014Electric Propulsion Naval Ships with Energy Storage Modules through AFE ConvertersJPE김소연,최세화,고상기,김성민,설승기
2014Multi-Level Operation with Two-Level Converters through a Double-Delta Source Connected TransformerJPE박용순,온성재,설승기
2013Analysis of the Phase Current Measurement Boundary of Three Shunt Sensing PWM Inverters and an Expansion MethodJPE조병극,하정익,설승기
2013Analysis of the Phase Current Measurement Boundary of Three Shunt Sensing PWM Inverters and an Expansion MethodJPE조병극,하정익,설승기
2013Asymmetric Control of DC-Link Voltages for Separate MPPTs in Three-Level InvertersIEEE-TPEY. Park; S. Sul; C. Lim; W. Kim; S. Lee
2013A Current Controller Design for Current Source Inverter-Fed AC Machine Drive SystemIEEE-TPEH. Lee; S. Jung; S. Sul
2013Maximum Torque per Ampere (MTPA) Control of an IPM Machine Based on Signal Injection Considering Inductance SaturationIEEE-TPES. Kim; Y. Yoon; S. Sul; K. Ide
2012Implementation and Sensorless Vector-Control Design and Tuning Strategy for SMPM Machines in Fan-Type ApplicationsIEEE-TIAP. Kshirsagar; R. P. Burgos; J. Jang; A. Lidozzi; F. Wang; D. Boroyevich; S. Sul
2012Control of a Synchronous Motor With an Inverter Integrated RotorIEEE-TIAE. Jung; S. Kim; J. Ha; S. Sul
2012PWM Switching Frequency Signal Injection Sensorless Method in IPMSMIEEE-TIAS. Kim; J. Ha; S. Sul
2012A Novel Method Utilizing Trapezoidal Voltage to Compensate for Inverter NonlinearityIEEE-TPEY. Park; S. Sul
2012A Nine-Phase Permanent-Magnet Motor Drive System for an Ultrahigh-Speed ElevatorIEEE-TIAE. Jung; H. Yoo; S. Sul; H. Choi; Y. Choi
2012A New Universal Isolated Converter for Grid ConnectionIEEE-TIAM. Kim; A. Yoo; S. Sul
2012Voltage Feedback Current Control Scheme for Improved Transient Performance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine DrivesIEEE-TIEY. Kwon; S. Kim; S. Sul
2012Analysis of Estimation Errors in Rotor Position for a Sensorless Control System Using a PMSMJPE박용순,설승기,지준근,박영재
2012Analysis of Estimation Errors in Rotor Position for a Sensorless Control System Using a PMSMJPE박용순,설승기,지준근,박영재
2011High-Bandwidth Sensorless Algorithm for AC Machines Based on Square-Wave-Type Voltage InjectionIEEE-TIAY. Yoon; S. Sul; S. Morimoto; K. Ide
2011Flux-Weakening Strategy of an Induction Machine Driven by an Electrolytic-Capacitor-Less InverterIEEE-TIAA. Yoo; S. Sul; H. Kim; K. Kim
2011A Novel Filter Design for Output LC Filters of PWM InvertersJPE김효성,설승기
2010Power Control Algorithm for Hybrid Excavator With SupercapacitorIEEE-TIAT. Kwon; S. Lee; S. Sul; C. Park; N. Kim; B. Kang; M. Hong
2010Pulsewidth Modulation Method of Matrix Converter for Reducing Output Current RippleIEEE-TPES. Kim; Y. Yoon; S. Sul
2010Application of a Disturbance Observer for a Relative Position Control SystemIEEE-TIAY. Yoon; E. Jung; S. Sul
2009Variable-Speed Engine Generator With Supercapacitor: Isolated Power Generation System and Fuel EfficiencyIEEE-TIAJ. Lee; S. Lee; S. Sul
2009Novel Speed and Rotor Position Estimation Strategy Using a Dual Observer for Low-Resolution Position SensorsIEEE-TPEA. Yoo; S. Sul; D. Lee; C. Jun
2009Design of Flux Observer Robust to Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor Flux VariationIEEE-TIAA. Yoo; S. Sul
2009Design and Control of an Axial-Flux Machine for a Wide Flux-Weakening Operation RegionIEEE-TIAT. Kwon; S. Sul; L. Alberti; N. Bianchi
2009Modified Current Control Schemes for High-Performance Permanent-Magnet AC Drives With Low Sampling to Operating Frequency RatioIEEE-TIAJ. Yim; S. Sul; B. Bae; N. R. Patel; S. Hiti
2009Suppression of Thrust Loss for the Maximum Thrust Operation in the Electric Propulsion ShipIEEE-TIAS. Kim; Y. Yoon; S. Sul
2009A Protection Scheme Against Voltage Sags for Electrolytic Capacitorless AC DrivesIEEE-TIAW. Lee; S. Sul; Y. Shim
2008Novel Flux-Weakening Control of an IPMSM for Quasi-Six-Step OperationIEEE-TIAT. Kwon; G. Choi; M. Kwak; S. Sul
2008Control of an Open-Winding Machine in a Grid-Connected Distributed Generation SystemIEEE-TIAM. Kwak; S. Sul
2008A Carrier-Based PWM Method With Optimal Switching Sequence for a Multilevel Four-Leg Voltage-Source InverterIEEE-TIAJ. Kim; S. Sul; P. N. Enjeti
2008Advantages of Inset PM Machines for Zero-Speed Sensorless Position DetectionIEEE-TIAN. Bianchi; S. Bolognani; J. Jang; S. Sul
2008A New Architecture for Offshore Wind FarmsIEEE-TPEA. Prasai; J. Yim; D. Divan; A. Bendre; S. Sul
2008System Integration and Power-Flow Management for a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Supercapacitors and BatteriesIEEE-TIAH. Yoo; S. Sul; Y. Park; J. Jeong
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2007Sensorless Operation of a PWM Rectifier for a Distributed GenerationIEEE-TPEH. Yoo; J. Kim; S. Sul
2006Carrier-Based Modulation Technique for Matrix ConverterIEEE-TPEY. Yoon; S. Sul
2006A New Starting Method of BLDC Motors Without Position SensorIEEE-TIAW. Lee; S. Sul
2006Synchronous-frame current control of multiphase synchronous motor under asymmetric fault condition due to open phasesIEEE-TIAHyung-Min Ryu; Ji-Woong Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2006Generalization of active filters for EMI reduction and harmonics compensationIEEE-TIAY. -. Son; Seung-Ki Sul
2005Analysis of multiphase space vector pulse-width modulation based on multiple d-q spaces conceptIEEE-TPEHyung-Min Ryu; Jang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2005Compensation voltage control in dynamic voltage restorers by use of feed forward and state feedback schemeIEEE-TPEHyosung Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2005A novel dynamic overmodulation strategy for fast torque control of high-saliency-ratio AC motorIEEE-TIABon-Ho Bae; Seung-Ki Sul
2005Initial rotor position estimation of an interior permanent-magnet synchronous machine using carrier-frequency injection methodsIEEE-TIAYu-seok Jeong; R. D. Lorenz; T. M. Jahns; Seung-Ki Sul
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2004A new method of partial excitation for dual moving magnet linear synchronous motorIEEE-TIAMu-Shin Kwak; Seung-Ki Sul
2004A carrier-based PWM method for three-phase four-leg voltage source convertersIEEE-TPEJang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2003A new active common-mode EMI filter for PWM inverterIEEE-TPEY. -. Son; Seung-Ki Sul
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2003A compensation method for time delay of full-digital synchronous frame current regulator of PWM AC drivesIEEE-TIABon-Ho Bae; Seung-Ki Sul
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2002Conducted EMI in PWM inverter for household electric applianceIEEE-TIAYo-Chan Son; Seung-Ki Sul
2001Induction motor parameter tuning for high-performance drivesIEEE-TIAJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ki Sul
2001A novel ride-through system for adjustable-speed drives using common-mode voltageIEEE-TIAYong-Seok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2001A new PWM strategy for common-mode voltage reduction in neutral-point-clamped inverter-fed AC motor drivesIEEE-TIAHee-Jung Kim; Hyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2001Common-mode voltage reduction method modifying the distribution of zero-voltage vector in PWM converter/inverter systemIEEE-TIAHyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2000Vertical-vibration control of elevator using estimated car acceleration feedback compensationIEEE-TIEJun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
2000AC/AC power conversion based on matrix converter topology with unidirectional switchesIEEE-TIASiyoung Kim; Seung-Ki Sul; T. A. Lipo
2000A common mode voltage reduction in boost rectifier/inverter system by shifting active voltage vector in a control periodIEEE-TPEHyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2000A new tension controller for continuous strip processing lineIEEE-TIASeung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul
2000Design and control of multispan tension simulatorIEEE-TIASeung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul
1999New direct torque control of induction motor for minimum torque ripple and constant switching frequencyIEEE-TIAJun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Position sensorless control of synchronous reluctance motor using high frequency current injectionIEEE-TECSeog-Joo Kang; Jang-Mok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Position-controlled synchronous reluctance motor without rotational transducerIEEE-TIAJung-Ik Ha; Seog-Joo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Dynamic overmodulation characteristics of triangle intersection PWM methodsIEEE-TIAA. M. Hava; Seung-Ki Sul; R. J. Kerkman; T. A. Lipo
1999Optimal flux selection of an induction machine for maximum torque operation in flux-weakening regionIEEE-TPEJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Minimum-loss strategy for three-phase PWM rectifierIEEE-TIEDae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Decoupling control of bridle rolls for steel mill drive systemIEEE-TIASeok Ho Jeon; Jang-Mok Kim; Kyung-Chul Jung; Seung-Ki Sul; Jin Young Choi
1999Sensorless field-orientation control of an induction machine by high-frequency signal injectionIEEE-TIAJung-Ik Ha; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Efficiency-optimized direct torque control of synchronous reluctance motor using feedback linearizationIEEE-TIEHyeoun-Dong Lee; Seog-Joo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Overmodulation strategy for high-performance torque controlIEEE-TPEJul-Ki Seok; Joohn-Sheok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Fuzzy-logic-based torque control strategy for parallel-type hybrid electric vehicleIEEE-TIEHyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Highly dynamic torque control of synchronous reluctance motorIEEE-TPESeog-Joo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Generalized solution of minimum time current control in three-phase balanced systemsIEEE-TIEJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Pseudorotor-flux-oriented control of an induction machine for deep-bar-effect compensationIEEE-TIAJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Unified voltage modulation technique for real-time three-phase power conversionIEEE-TIADae-Woong Chung; Joohn-Sheok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Analysis and compensation of current measurement error in vector-controlled AC motor drivesIEEE-TIADae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Fast current controller in three-phase AC/DC boost converter using d-q axis crosscouplingIEEE-TPEJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Speed control of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drive for the flux weakening operationIEEE-TIAJang-Mok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
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1997New approach for high-performance PMSM drives without rotational position sensorsIEEE-TPEJoohn-Sheok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Induction machine parameter identification using PWM inverter at standstillIEEE-TECJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ill Moon; Seung-Ki Sul
1996A new motor speed estimator using Kalman filter in low-speed rangeIEEE-TIEHeui-Wook Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1996New approach for the low-speed operation of PMSM drives without rotational position sensorsIEEE-TPEJoohn-Sheok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Inverter output voltage synthesis using novel dead time compensationIEEE-TPEJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1995Kalman filter and LQ based speed controller for torsional vibration suppression in a 2-mass motor drive systemIEEE-TIEJun-Keun Ji; Seung-Ki Sul
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1995A new compensation strategy reducing voltage/current distortion in PWM VSI systems operating with low output voltagesIEEE-TIAJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1995An integral battery charger for four-wheel drive electric vehicleIEEE-TIASeung-Ki Sul; Sang-Joon Lee
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1995Maximum torque control of an induction machine in the field weakening regionIEEE-TIASang-Hoon Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1995Resonant link bidirectional power converter. I. Resonant circuitIEEE-TPEJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
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1994High performance current regulator for a field-oriented controlled induction motor driveIEEE-TIADong-Choon Lee; Seung-Ki Sul; Min-Ho Park
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1989A novel technique of rotor resistance estimation considering variation of mutual inductanceIEEE-TIASeung Ki Sul
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1984Microprocessor-Based Optimal-Efficiency Drive of an Induction MotorIEEE-TIEM. H. Park; S. K. Sul