Int’l Conference

2021Torque-Sensorless Identification of IPMSM Torque MapECCEH. -J. Cho; J. Lee; Y. -C. Kwon; S. -K. Sul
2021Rotor Initial Position Estimation Method of SMPMSM with Polarity Detection Based on Cross-Coupling Inductance VariationECCEH. Kim; J. Lee; S. -K. Sul
2021Switching Frequency Signal-Injection Sensorless Control Robust to Non-Ideal Characteristics of Inverter System for Dual Three-Phase PMSMECCEY. -R. Lee; J. Yoo; S. -K. Sul
2021Gain Scheduling of Full-Order Flux Observer for Sensorless PMSM Drives Considering Magnetic Spatial HarmonicsECCEJ. Yoo; I. Hwang; Y. -R. Lee; S. -K. Sul
2021Skin Effect of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor under High-Frequency Signal InjectionECCEJ. -H. Lee; Y. -C. Kwon; S. -K. Sul
2021Stability Analysis of PI-Controller-Type Position Estimator for Sensorless PMSM Drives in Flux Weakening RegionITECJ. Yoo; S. -K. Sul
2021Control Strategy of Electric Propulsion System to Improve Ship DynamicsITECS. Ko; J. Yun; S. -K. Sul; S. -W. Kang; W. Park; S. -H. Kim
2021Effect of Speed Estimation Error on Control Stability in Model-Based Sensorless PMSM DrivesECCE-AsiaJ. Yoo;S. -K. Sul
2020Compensation of Nonlinearity of Inverter through Estimation of Dead Time EffectECCE-Asia(IPEMC)J. -H. Lee; S. -K. Sul
2020Identification of The System Inertia under Periodic Load Torque DisturbanceECCE-Asia(IPEMC)J. Lee; S. -K. Sul
2020Analysis of Torque Control Stability of PMSM Sensorless Drives in Flux Weakening RegionECCE-Asia(IPEMC)J. Yoo;S. -K. Sul
2020Stator Winding Temperature Estimation of IPMSM Based on a High-frequency Voltage Signal InjectionITECH. Kim; H. -S. Jung; S. -K. Sul
2020Simple Overmodulation Scheme for Improved Dynamic Performance of IPMSMITECJ. Yun; J. Yoo; H. -S. Jung; S. -K. Sul
2020Inverter Nonlinearity Compensation of Discontinuous PWM Considering Voltage Drop of Power Semiconductor and Dead Time EffectECCEJ. -H. Lee; S. -K. Sul
2020Stator Resistance Estimation using DC Injection Robust to Inverter Nonlinearity in Induction MotorsECCEJ. Lee; J. Yoo; S. -K. Sul
2020Realization of Signal-Injection Sensorless Control of SMPMSM by Modification of Current TrajectoryECCEY. -R. Lee; Y. -C. Kwon; S. -K. Sul
2020Dynamic Overmodulation for Improved Current Regulation of PMSMECCEJ. Yoo; S. -K. Sul
2019Optimal Current Trajectory Control of IPMSM for Minimized Torque RippleITECH. Cho; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2019Design of Full-Order Flux Observer for Induction Motor Drive Robust to Rotor Time Constant VariationECCE-Asia(ICPE)J. Yoo; J. Lee; S. Sul
2019Position-Sensorless MTPA Control of IPMSM Based on High-Frequency Signal InjectionECCE-Asia(ICPE)Y. Lee; S. Sul
2019IPMSM Magnet Temperature Estimation by d-axis Flux LinkageECCE-Asia(ICPE)H. Kim; H. Jung; S. Sul; D. J. Berry
2019Magnet Temperature Estimation of IPMSM by Using Reactive EnergyECCE-Asia(ICPE)H. Jung; H. Kim; S. Sul; D. J. Berry
2019Torque Ripple Reduction in Stator Resistance Estimation using DC Current Injection for Induction Motor Sensorless DrivesECCEJ. Yoo; J. Lee; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch
2019Analysis of Position Control Stability Affected by Non-ideal Characteristics of IPMSM in Signal-Injection Sensorless ControlECCEJ. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2019Extending Operational Range for Low-Cost Motor Drive Systems by Mitigating Narrow Pulse EffectITECJ. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2019Online MTPA Operation of IPMSM Based on Dual-Loop Control in Polar CoordinatesECCE-Asia(ICPE)H. Kim; S. Sul
2019Simplified Thermal Model of Semiconductor Fuse for DC Distribution SystemECCE-Asia(ICPE)S. Lee; Y. Son; H. Cho; S. Sul; S. Kim; N. Kang; W. Park
2019Improved Signal-Injection Sensorless Control Robust to Inverter Nonlinearity Effects by Prediction of Voltage DisturbanceITECY. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2019Overvoltage Suppressing Snubber Circuit for Solid State Circuit Breaker considering System InductancesECCE-Asia(ICPE)D. Park; D. Shin; S. Sul; J. Sim; Y. Kim
2018Design of Wireless Temperature Monitoring System for Measurement of Magnet Temperature of IPMSMITECD. Park; H. Jung; H. Cho; S. Sul
2018Online MTPA Control of IPMSM for Automotive Applications Based on Robust Numerical Optimization TechniqueITECH. Kim; Y. Lee; S. Sul; J. Yu; J. Oh
2018Asymmetric Mixed Modular Multilevel Converter Topology in Hybrid Bipolar HVDC Transmission SystemsECCE-Asia(IPEC)J. Lee; J. Jung; S. Sul
2018Experimental Identification of IPMSM Flux-Linkage Considering Spatial Harmonics for High-Accuracy Simulation of IPMSM DrivesECCEJ. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2018Non-Invasive Magnet Temperature Estimation in IPMSM by High Frequency Pulsating Sinusoidal Voltage InjectionITECH. Jung; D. Park; H. Kim; S. Sul; D. J. Berry
2018Back-EMF Based Sensorless Control of IPMSM with Enhanced Torque Accuracy Against Parameter VariationECCEJ. Yoo; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2018DC Power System for Fishing BoatPEDESY. Son; S. Lee; S. Sul
2018DC-Link Voltage Design of High-Bandwidth Motor Emulator for Interior Permanent-Magnet Synchronous MotorsECCEY. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2018PWM Strategy for 3Phase Active Front End Cascaded 5 Level NPC H-BridgeECCEH. Jung; H. Kim; S. Sul
2018Voltage Reference Modification Scheme for Resonance Suppression in LCL-filtered Inverters with Discontinuous PWM methodECCE-Asia(IPEC)H. Kim; S. Sul
2018Snubber Circuit of Bidirectional Solid State DC Circuit Breaker Based on SiC MOSFETECCED. Shin; S. Sul; J. Sim; Y. Kim
2018PWM Strategy for Parallel Operation of Three Phase Converters Tied to GridECCE-Asia(IPEC)H. Jung; S. Sul
2018Distortion-Minimizing Flux Observer for IPMSM Based on Frequency-Adaptive ObserversECCEH. Kim; S. Sul; H. Yoo; J. Oh
2018Fixed Current Angle Operation Strategy in Low-Speed Sensorless Drive for Improved Torque Capability over Critical PointECCEY. Lee; C. Hwang; S. Sul; M. Mohamadian; L. N. Srivatchan; D. R. Luedtke; N. Patel
2017Compensation of position estimation error for precise position-sensorless control of IPMSM based on high-frequency pulsating voltage injectionECCEY. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch; S. Morimoto
2017Analysis and mitigation of AC coupling effects on overhead line of modular multilevel converter (MMC) based HVDC transmission systemECCEJ. Lee; J. Jung; S. Sul
2017Asymmetric mixed modular multilevel converter topology in bipolar HVDC transmission systemsECCEJ. Jung; J. Lee; S. Sul
2017A design of circulating current controller for paralleled inverter with non-isolated dc-linkECCE-Asia(IFEEC)H. Jung; S. Sul
2017Discrete state-space voltage controller for voltage source inverters with LC filter based on direct pole-zero placement designAPECH. Kim; H. Jung; S. Sul
2017Shaping of PWM converter admittance with outer power control loopECCEB. Kim; S. Sul
2017Full torque-range low-speed sensorless drive for heavily saturated IPMSMs by manipulation of convergence pointECCEY. Kwon; J. Lee; S. Sul
2017A novel filter structure to suppress harmonic currents based on the sequence of sideband harmonicsECCES. Ohn; H. Jung; S. Sul
2017Analysis on the position estimation error in position-sensorless operation using pulsating square wave signal injectionECCEC. Hwang; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2017Minimum torque ripple pulse width-modulation with reduced switching frequency for multi-megawatt motor driveAPECH. Jung; C. Hwang; H. Kim; S. Sul; A. Heewon; H. Yoo
2016Control strategy of single phase back-to-back converter for medium voltage drive under cell fault conditionECCEY. Lee; J. Yoo; H. Jung; S. Sul
2016A PWM method reducing harmonics of two interleaved convertersECCEJ. Han; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2016Seamless transfer strategy considering power balance in parallel operationECCES. Chee; Y. Lee; Y. Son; S. Sul; C. Lim; S. Huh
2016A new topology of multilevel VSC converter for hybrid HVDC transmission systemAPECJ. Jung; S. Cui; S. Sul
2016Analysis on current flowing through deactivated modules in parallel connected AC/DC convertersECCE-Asia(IPEMC)Young-Kwang Son; Seung-Jun Chee; Seung-Ki Sul
2016Analysis and compensation of inverter nonlinearity for three-level T-type invertersAPECH. Kim; Y. Kwon; S. Chee; S. Sul
2016A three phase current regulation strategy with inductor over saturation regionECCE-Asia(IPEMC)Zhuning Wang; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2016Analysis of Non Detection Zone for multiple distributed PCS based on Equivalent Single PCS using reactive power approachAPECB. Kim; S. Sul
2016Three-level back-to-back converters with ESS directly connected to the lower DC-linkITEC-AsiaYoung-Kwang Son; Byeong-Heon Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2016Pulse-width modulation strategy in double-delta sourced windingECCEY. Park; S. Sul
2016Suppression of circulating current in paralleled inverters with isolated DC-linkECCEH. Jung; J. Yoo; S. Sul; H. Lee; C. Hong
2016Suppression of Circulating Current in parallel operation of three-level convertersAPECY. Son; S. Chee; Y. Lee; S. Sul; C. Lim; S. Huh; J. Oh
2016DC link voltage control of single phase back-to-back converter for medium voltage motor driveECCE-Asia(IPEMC)Jeong-Mock Yoo; Hyun-Sam Jung; Seung-Ki Sul; Hak-Jun Lee; Chanook Hong
2016DC capacitor voltage balancing control for delta-connected cascaded h-bridge STATCOM considering the unbalanced grid and load conditionsECCEJ. Jung; J. Lee; S. Sul; G. T. Son; Y. Chung
2016Model-based sensorless control of IPMSM enhancing robustness based on the estimation of speed errorSLEDY. Lee; S. Sul
2015A comprehensive AC side single line to ground fault ride through strategy of a modular multilevel converter for HVDC systemECCES. Cui; H. Lee; J. Jung; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2015Reduction of injection voltage in signal injection sensorless drives using capacitor-integrated inverterECCEY. Kwon; S. Sul
2015Current regulation and fault tolerance in Double-Delta Sourced TransformerECCEY. Park; J. Yoo; S. Sul
2015Design of IPMSM with eccentric rotor and search coils for absolute position sensorless driveECCE-Asia(ICPE)Y. Kwon; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch; S. Morimoto; M. Ohto
2015Frequency adaptive observer to extract ac-coupled signals for grid synchronizationECCE-Asia(ICPE)Y. Park; H. Kim; S. Sul
2015Multi-level operation of triple two-level PWM convertersECCES. Ohn; Y. Park; S. Sul
2015A cell capacitor energy balancing control of MMC-HVDC under the AC grid faultsECCE-Asia(ICPE)J. Jung; S. Cui; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2015Anti-islanding accelerated by grid unbalance componentECCE-Asia(ICPE)B. Kim; S. Sul
2015Double-delta sourced winding for dual winding induction machineECCE-Asia(ICPE)Y. Park; J. Yoo; S. Sul
2015Dead-time compensation based on pole voltage measurementECCES. Chee; J. Kim; S. Sul
2015Electolytic capacitorless 3-level inverter with diode front end for PMSM driveECCES. Choe; S. Sul; J. Cho; H. Seo; H. Park
2015Comparison of Non-Detection Zone of frequency drift anti-islanding with closed-loop power controlled Distributed GeneratorsECCE-Asia(IFEEC)B. Kim; S. Sul
2015Active damping method equivalent to series resistor effect for LCL filters in a grid-connected PWM convertersPEDGB. Cho; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2015Principles and dynamics of natural arm capacitor voltage balancing of a direct modulated modular multilevel converterECCE-Asia(ICPE)S. Cui; J. Jung; Y. Lee; S. Sul
2015A bilateral reactive power injection method for islanding detection of grid-connected converters in distributed generation unitsPEDGB. Cho; Y. Lee; S. Chee; S. Sul
2015Comparison of rotor position estimation performance in fundamental-model-based sensorless control of PMSMECCEY. Lee; Y. Kwon; S. Sul
2015A novel control strategy of a modular multilevel converter (MMC) based VSC-HVDC transmission systemAPECShenghui Cui; Jae-Jung Jung; Younggi Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2014DC current suppression circuit in HVDC power transmission systemECCE-Europe(EPE)Sungmin Kim; Jaejung Jung; Shenghui Cui; Seung-Ki Sul
2014Common-mode voltage reduction of three level four leg PWM converterECCES. Chee; H. Kim; S. Sul; S. Ko
2014A switching frequency reduction and a mitigation of voltage fluctuation of modular multilevel converter for HVDCECCEH. Lee; J. Jung; S. Sul
2014Parameter design of Modular Multilevel Converter for DC fault ride-through capability in multi-terminal HVDC systemECCE-Europe(EPE)Sungmin Kim; Shenghui Cui; Seung-Ki Sul
2014Modular multilevel converter based on full bridge cells for Multi-Terminal DC transmissionECCE-Europe(EPE)S. Kim; S. Cui; S. Sul
2014A cell capacitor energy balancing control of Modular Multilevel Converter considering the unbalanced AC grid conditionsECCE-Asia(IPEC)J. Jung; Shenghui Cui; S. Kim; S. Sul
2014A comprehensive cell capacitor energy control strategy of a modular multilevel converter (MMC) without a stiff DC bus voltage sourceAPECS. Cui; S. Kim; J. Jung; S. Sul
2014Reduced sampling rate for cell voltage sensing in high-level Modular Multilevel ConverterICITJ. Jung; H. Lee; J. Ha; S. Sul
2014Small scaled Power Hardware-In-The Loop and control method of ship integrated power system with active front end converter and battery energy storage system using low cost multicore DSPECCE-Europe(EPE)S. Choe; S. Ko; S. Kim; S. Sul
2014Suppression of injection voltage disturbance for High Frequency square-wave injection sensorless drive with regulation of induced High Frequency current rippleECCE-Asia(IPEC)Dongouk Kim; Yong-Cheol Kwon; Seung-Ki Sul; Jang-Hwan Kim; Rae-Sung Yu
2014Loss comparison of the 3 level topologies for four-leg voltage convertersICITS. Chee; S. Sul; Y. H. Roh; J. Lee
2014Control of hybrid HVDC transmission system with LCC and FB-MMCECCEY. Lee; S. Cui; S. Kim; S. Sul
2014Linear over-modulation strategy for current control in photovoltaic inverterECCE-Asia(IPEC)Y. Park; S. Sul; K. Hong
2014Improved design of IPMSM for sensorless drive with absolute rotor position estimation capabilitySLEDY. Kwon; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch; S. Murakami; S. Morimoto
2014Non-iterative LCL filter design for three-phase two-level voltage-source PWM convertersECCE-Asia(IPEC)Byung-Geuk Cho; Seung-Ki Sul
2014Principle, control and comparison of modular multilevel converters (MMCs) with DC short circuit fault ride-through capabilityAPECS. Cui; S. Kim; J. Jung; S. Sul
2013Power sharing strategy in parallel operation of inverters for distributed power system under line impedance inequalityECCE-AsiaB. Cho; S. Sul
2013Sensorless control of synchronous machine with an inverter integrated rotorAPECS. Choe; E. Jung; S. Sul
2013Control strategy for improved dynamic performance of variable-speed drives with the Modular Multilevel ConverterECCEJ. Jung; H. Lee; S. Sul
2013Forward fly-back voltage balancing circuit for series connected super capacitors using digital controlICRERAA. Hussain; H. Lee; S. Sul
2013Modeling and controller design for series-connected output universal link converterECCEM. Kim; S. Sul; A. Yoo
2013A stator turn-fault detection method for inverter-fed IPMSM with high-frequency current injectionECCEM. Kim; S. Sul; J. Lee
2013Sensorless control method for PMSM based on frequency-adaptive disturbance observerECCEY. Park; S. Sul
2013Phase locked loop based on an observer for grid synchronizationAPECY. Park; S. Sul; W. Kim; H. Lee
2013Design and control of IPMSM sensorless drive for mechanical rotor position detection capabilityECCEY. Kwon; S. Sul; N. A. Baloch; S. Murakami; S. Morimoto
2013Consideration of active-front-end rectifier for electric propulsion navy shipECCES. Kim; B. Cho; S. Sul
2012Six-step operation of PMSM with instantaneous current controlECCEY. Kwon; S. Kim; S. Sul
2012Control of three phase inverter for AC motor drive with small DC-link capacitor fed by single phase AC sourceECCEH. Jung; S. Chee; S. Sul; Y. Park; H. Park; W. Kim
2012Maximum power point tracking for single stage grid-connected PV system under partial shading conditionsECCE-Asia(IPEMC)M. F. Kashif; Sehwa Choi; Yongsoon Park; Seung-Ki Sul
2012Compensation of inverter nonlinearity based on trapezoidal voltageECCEY. Park; S. Sul
2012Anti-islanding detection method using Negative Sequence VoltageECCE-Asia(IPEMC)Byeong-Heon Kim; S. Sul; Chun-Ho Lim
2012Compensation of current measurement error for current-controlled PMSM drivesECCEM. Kim; S. Sul; J. Lee
2012Feasibility study of Integrated Power System with Battery Energy Storage System for naval shipsVPPCSo-Yeon Kim; Byung-Geuk Cho; Seung-Ki Sul
2012Layout of IGBT-based Current Source Converter for low stray inductanceAPECS. Jung; H. Lee; S. Sul
2012Condition monitoring of DC-link capacitors in drive system for electric vehiclesVPPCM. Kim; Seung-Ki Sul; Junggi Lee
2012Initial voltage angle detection method of a PWM converter without any grid voltage measurement using conduction state of diodes for smooth startingECCE-Asia(IPEMC)Jae-Jung Jung; E. Jung; Jung-Ik Ha; S. Sul
2012Control of the Modular Multilevel Converter for variable-speed drivesPEDESJ. Jung; H. Lee; S. Sul
2012Improved speed control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine at overmodulation regionAPECY. Kwon; S. Kim; T. Kwon; S. Sul
2012LCL filter design for grid-connected voltage-source converters in high power systemsECCEB. Cho; S. Sul
2011A novel method to compensate non-linearity of inverter in sensorless operation of PMSMECCE-Asia(ICPE)Y. Park; S. Sul
2011High performance position sensorless control using rotating voltage signal injection in IPMSMECCE-Europe(EPE)S. Kim; S. Sul
2011System configuration and control strategy using FPGA for Hybrid vehicle power Control UnitECCE-Asia(ICPE)H. Lee; H. Shin; S. Sul; S. Kim; Y. Park
2011Sensorless control of AC motor ??Where are we now?ICEMSS. Kim; S. Sul
2011A dual-phase-shift control strategy for dual-active-bridge DC-DC converter in wide voltage rangeECCE-Asia(ICPE)M. Kim; M. Rosekeit; S. Sul; R. W. A. A. De Doncker
2011Low Voltage Ride Through(LVRT) control strategy of grid-connected variable speed Wind Turbine Generator SystemECCE-Asia(ICPE)H. Shin; H. Jung; S. Sul
2011Wind power collection and transmission with series connected current source convertersECCE-Europe(EPE)H. Lee; S. Sul
2011Single shunt current sensing technique in three-level PWM inverterECCE-Asia(ICPE)S. Kim; J. Ha; S. Sul
2011Voltage injection method for boundary expansion of output voltages in three shunt sensing PWM invertersECCE-Asia(ICPE)B. Cho; J. Ha; S. Sul
2011Control scheme for source voltage sensorless PWM converters under source voltage unbalanceECCE-Europe(EPE)E. Jung; M. Kim; S. Sul
2011PWM switching frequency signal injection sensorless method in IPMSMECCES. Kim; J. Ha; S. Sul
2011Three years of industrial experience with sensorless ipmsm drive based on high frequency injection methodSLEDS. Sato; H. Iura; K. Ide; S. Sul
2011Design of IPMSM having high power density for position sensorless operation with high-frequency signal injection and the method of calculating inductance profileICEMSS. Chai; B. Lee; J. Hong; S. Sul; S. Kim
2011Analysis of high-frequency power conversion for series-connected universal link AC/DC power converterECCE-Asia(ICPE)A. Yoo; K. Kim; S. Sul
2011A current controller design for current source inverter-fed PMSM drive systemECCE-Asia(ICPE)H. Lee; S. Jung; S. Sul
2011LCL filter design and control for grid-connected PWM converterECCE-Asia(ICPE)B. Cho; S. Sul; H. Yoo; S. Lee
2011Position sensorless operation of IPMSM with near PWM switching frequency signal injectionECCE-Asia(ICPE)S. Kim; Y. Kwon; S. Sul; J. Park; S. Kim
2010An enhanced sensorless control method for PMSM in rapid accelerating operationECCE-Asia(IPEC)M. Kim; S. Sul
2010Parameter independent maximum torque per ampere (MTPA) control of IPM machine based on signal injectionAPECS. Kim; Y. Yoon; S. Sul; K. Ide; K. Tomita
2010Maximum efficiency operation of Synchronous Reluctance Machine using signal injectionECCE-Asia(IPEC)S. Kim; S. Sul; K. Ide; S. Morimoto
2010A new bidirectional isolated converter for grid connectionECCEM. Kim; A. Yoo; S. Sul
2010System configuration and control strategy for compound type hybrid excavator with ultra capacitorECCE-Asia(IPEC)H. Lee; S. Sul; S. Kwak; S. Kim
2010A new circuit design and control to reduce input harmonic current for a three-phase ac machine drive system having a very small dc-link capacitorAPECH. Yoo; S. Sul
2010An AC/DC power conversion based on Series-connected Universal Link converterECCEA. Yoo; M. Kim; S. Sul
2010A separate double-winding 12-phase brushless DC motor drive fed from individual H-bridge invertersECCEB. Cho; Y. Yoon; S. Sul; Y. K. Kong; J. G. Bin; S. J. Park; M. L. Lee
2010Parallel operation of PWM inverters for high speed motor drive systemAPECU. Cho; J. Yim; S. Sul
2009Input filter analysis and resonance suppression control for electrolytic capacitor-less inverterAPECA. Yoo; W. Lee; Sunja-Kim; B. M. Dehkordi; S. Sul
2009DC-link voltage stabilization for reduced dc-link capacitor inverterECCEW. Lee; S. Sul
2009A power flow control strategy for optimal fuel efficiency of a variable speed engine-generator based series hybrid electric vehicleECCEH. Yoo; B. Cho; S. Sul; S. Kim; Y. Park
2009A Novel Approach to Reduce Line Harmonic Current for a Three-phase Diode Rectifier-fed Electrolytic Capacitor-less InverterAPECH. Yoo; S. Sul
2009Nine-phase Permanent Magnet motor drive system for ultra high-speed elevatorECCEE. Jung; H. Yoo; S. Sul; H. Choi; Y. Choi
2009Implementation of super high-speed permanent magnet synchronous machine driveECCEM. Kim; J. Yim; S. Sul; S. Lim
2009Implementation of Grid-connected Single-phase Inverter Based on FPGAAPECE. Jung; S. Sul
2009PWM Method of Matrix Converter for Reducing Output Current RippleAPECS. Kim; Y. Yoon; S. Sul
2009Flux weakening strategy of an induction machine driven by an electrolytic capacitor-less inverterECCEA. Yoo; S. Sul; S. Kim; K. Kim
2009Analysis on output LC filters for PWM invertersECCE-Asia(IPEMC)H. Kim; S. Sul
2008Design of Speed Control Loop of A Variable Speed Diesel Engine Generator by Electric GovernorIAS-Annual MeetingS. Lee; J. Yim; J. Lee; S. Sul
2008Analysis of the effect of the parameter variation on the flux weakening controller for improving torque capabilityAPECTae-Suk Kwon; Seung-Ki Sul
2008Variable Speed Engine Generator with Super-Capacitor; Isolated Power Generation System and Fuel EfficiencyIAS-Annual MeetingJ. Lee; S. H. Lee; S. Sul
2008Power Control Algorithm for Hybrid Excavator with Super CapacitorIAS-Annual MeetingT. Kwon; S. Lee; S. Sul; B. Kang; M. Hong; C. Park; N. Kim
2008Novel speed and rotor position estimation strategy using a dual observer for low resolution position sensorsPESCAnno Yoo; Seung-Ki Sul; Dong Cheol Lee; Cha Seung
2008Design of Flux Observer Robust to Parameter Variation of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorIAS-Annual MeetingA. Yoo; S. Sul
2008FPGA-based motion controller with a high bandwidth current regulatorPESCEunsoo Jung; Hak-Jun Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2008Application of a disturbance observer for a relative position control systemAPECYoung-Doo Yoon; Eunsoo Jung; Seung-Ki Sul
2007PWM Method of a Three-Level Neutral-Point-Clamped Converter under Neutral Point Imbalance ConditionAPECJ. Kim; S. Sul
2007New flux weakening control for surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous machine using gradient descent methodECCE-Asia(ICPE)Young-Doo Yoon; S. Sul
2007Control Issues of High Pole Count Machines at High Speed OperationIAS-Annual MeetingJ. Yim; S. Sul; B. Bae; N. Patel; S. Hiti
2007Dual Observers for the Disturbance Rejection of a Motion Control SystemIAS-Annual MeetingY. Yoon; E. Jung; A. Yoo; S. Sul
2007Suppression of the Thrust Loss for the Maximum Thrust Operation in the Electric Propulsion ShipESTSS. Kim; Y. Yoon; S. Sul
2007Design of a Variable Speed Compressor Drive System for Air-Conditioner without Electrolytic CapacitorIAS-Annual MeetingH. Yoo; S. Sul; H. Jang; Y. Hong
2007System Integration and Power Flow Management for a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle using Super-capacitors and BatteriesAPECH. Yoo; S. Sul; Y. Park; J. Jeong
2007Torque Control Strategy of an IPMSM Considering the Flux Variation of the Permanent MagnetIAS-Annual MeetingY. Kim; S. Sul
2007Novel Flux-Weakening Control of an IPMSM for Quasi Six-Step OperationIAS-Annual MeetingG. Choi; M. Kwak; T. Kwon; S. Sul
2007Design and Control of an Axial Flux Machine for a Wide Flux-Weakening Operation RegionIAS-Annual MeetingT. Kwon; S. Sul; L. Alberti; N. Bianchi
2007Voltage Sag Ride-Through of Super High-Speed Turbo CompressorIAS-Annual MeetingJ. Yim; S. Sul; J. Byeon; S. Lim
2007Design of a Current Regulator with Extended Bandwidth for Servo Motor DrivePCCA. Yoo; Y. Yoon; S. Sul; M. Hisatune; S. Morimoto; K. Ide
2007Flux Weakening Control of an Open Winding Machine with Isolated Dual InvertersIAS-Annual MeetingM. Kwak; S. Sul
2007A new architecture for offshore wind farmsECCE-Europe(EPE)A. Prasai; Jung-Sik Yim; D. Divan; A. Bendre; Seung-Ki Sul; F. Kreikebaum
2007A novel flux weakening algorithm for surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous machines with infinite constant power speed ratioICEMSTae-suk Kwon; Seung-Ki Sul
2007New flux weakening control for high saliency interior permanent magnet synchronous machine without any tablesECCE-Europe(EPE)Young-Doo Yoon; Wook-Jin Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2007A simple induction motor parameter estimation method for vector controlECCE-Europe(EPE)Wook-Jin Lee; Young-Doo Yoon; Seung-Ki Sul; Yoon-Young Choi; Young-Seok Shim
2007Carrier-based Modulation Method for Matrix Converter with Input Power Factor Control and under Unbalanced Input Voltage ConditionsAPECY. Yoon; S. Sul
2006Comparison of PM motor structures and sensorless control techniques for zero-speed rotor position detectionPESCN. Bianchi; S. Bolognani; J. Jang; S. Sul
2006Control of utility connected gas engine generation systemPESCM. Kwak; S. Sul
2006Carrier-based Pulse Width Modulation for Three-Level Inverters: Neutral Point Potential and Output Voltage DistortionECCE-Asia(IPEMC)J. Kim; S. Sul
2006Field weakening control of interior permanent magnet machine using improved current interpolation techniquePESCR. U. Lenke; R. W. De Doncker; M. Kwak; T. Kwon; S. Sul
2006Design and Evaluation of a PLL-Based Position Controller for Sensorless Vector Control of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous MachinesIECONR. P. Burgos; P. Kshirsagar; A. Lidozzi; J. Jang; F. Wang; D. Boroyevich; P. Rodriguez; S. Sul
2005Control of Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane with Energy Storage Based on Supercapacitor BankPESCSang-Min Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2005Sensorless vector control of super high speed turbo compressorAPECJung-Sik Yim; Wook-Jin Lee; Seung-Ki Sul; Hyun-Sup Yang; Jin-Tae Kim
2005Reduction of engine torque ripple at starting with belt driven integrated starter generatorAPECTae-Suk Kwon; Dong-Hoon Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2005A carrier-based PWM method with optimal switching sequence for a multi-level four-leg VSIIAS-Annual MeetingJang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul; P. N. Enjeti
2005On-line minimum-copper-loss control of an interior permanent-magnet synchronous machine for automotive applicationsAPECYu-seok Jeong; Seung-Ki Sul; S. Hiti; K. Rahman
2005Analysis and design of a decoupling current controller for AC machines: a unified transfer-matrix approachIAS-Annual MeetingYu-seok Jeong; Seung-Ki Sul
2005Novel current control strategy for maximum tracking operation under saturated voltage conditionIAS-Annual MeetingHyunjae Yoo; Seung-Ki Sul
2005Sensorless operation of a PWM rectifier for en-gen set as a distributed generationAPECJang-Hwan Kim; Hyun jae Yoo; Seung-Ki Sul
2005Novel anti-windup of a current regulator of a surface-mounted permanent-magnet motor for flux-weakening controlIAS-Annual MeetingTae-Suk Kwon; Seung-Ki Sul
2004Analysis of multiphase space vector pulse width modulation based on multiple d-q spaces conceptECCE-Asia(IPEMC)Hyung-Min Ryu; Jang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2004Controller design for dynamic voltage restorer with harmonics compensation functionIAS-Annual MeetingYoung-Hoon Cho; Seung-Ki Sul
2004Sensorless position control of active magnetic bearings based on high frequency signal injection with digital signal processingAPECJung-Sik Yim; Seung-Ki Sul; Hyeong-Joon Ahn; Dong-Chul Han
2004Reference wave generation in dynamic voltage restorers by use of PQR power theoryAPECHyosung Kim; Sang-Joon Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2004A PWM strategy for four-leg voltage source converters and applications to a novel line interactive UPS in a three-phase four-wire systemIAS-Annual MeetingJang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul; Hyosung Kim; Jun-Keun Ji
2004Novel topology of a line interactive UPS using PQR instantaneous power theoryIAS-Annual MeetingHyosung Kim; Jun-Keun Ji; Jang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul; Kyung-Hwan Kim
2004A design consideration of output filters for dynamic voltage restorersPESCHyosung Kim; Jang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2004A new starting method of BLDC motors without position sensorIAS-Annual MeetingWook-Jin Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2004Synchronous frame current control of multi-phase synchronous motor - part II asymmetric fault condition due to open phasesIAS-Annual MeetingHyung-Min Ryu; Ji-Woong Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2004Synchronous frame current control of multi-phase synchronous motor. Part I. Modeling and current control based on multiple d-q spaces concept under balanced conditionIAS-Annual MeetingHyung-Min Ryu; Ji-Woong Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2004Partial excitation method with hall sensors for dual moving magnet linear synchronous motorPESCMu-Shin Kwak; Seung-Ki Sul
2004A calculation for the compensation voltages in dynamic voltage restorers by use of PQR power theoryAPECHyosung Kim; Sang-Joon Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2004A novel control method for the compensation voltages in dynamic voltage restorersAPECSang-Joon Lee; Hyosung Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2003A new vision-sensorless anti-sway control system for container cranesIAS-Annual MeetingYong-Seok Kim; H. Yoshihara; N. Fujioka; H. Kasahara; Hyungbo Shim; Seung-Ki Sul
2003Current measurement issues in sensorless control algorithm using high frequency signal injection methodIAS-Annual MeetingJi-Hoon Jang; Seung-Ki Sul; Yo-Chan Son
2003Analysis of permanent magnet machine for sensorless control based on high frequency signal injectionIAS-Annual MeetingJi-Hoon Jang; Seung-Ki Sul; Jung-Ik Ha; M. Ohto; K. Ide
2003Sensorless position control of active magnetic bearings based on high frequency signal injection methodAPECJung-Sik Yim; Jang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul; Hyeong-Joon Ahn; Dong-Chul Han
2003Generalization of active filters for EMI reduction and harmonics compensationIAS-Annual MeetingYo-Chan Son; Seung-Ki Sul
2003Practical design criteria of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor for 42V integrated starter-generatorIEMDCBon-Ho Bae; Seung-Ki Sul
2003New field weakening technique for high saliency interior permanent magnet motorIAS-Annual MeetingBon-Ho Bae; N. Patel; S. Schulz; Seung-Ki Sul
2003Overmodulation strategy for a three-phase four-leg voltage source converterIAS-Annual MeetingJang-Hwan Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2003Fault detection and fault tolerant control of interior permanent magnet motor drive system for electric vehicleIAS-Annual MeetingYu-seok Jeong; Seung-Ki Sul; S. Schulz; N. Patel
2002High precision position control of linear permanent magnet synchronous motor for surface mount device placement systemPCCJang-Hwan Kim; Jong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
2002Sensorless drive of SMPM motor by high frequency signal injectionAPECJi-Hoon Jang; Seung-Ki Sul; Jung-Ik Ha; K. Ide; M. Sawamura
2002Dynamic load simulator for high-speed elevator systemPCCHyung-Min Ryu; Sung-Jun Kim; Seung-Ki Sul; Tae-Seok Kwon; Ki-Su Kim; Young-Seok Shim; Ki-Riong Seok
2002A new method of partial excitation for dual moving magnet linear synchronous motorIAS-Annual MeetingMu-Shin Kwak; Seung-Ki Sul
2002Position control for direct landing of elevator using time-based position pattern generationIAS-Annual MeetingHyung-Min Ryu; Seung-Ki Sul
2002A novel dynamic overmodulation strategy for fast torque control of high saliency ratio AC motorIAS-Annual MeetingBon-Ho Bae; Seung-Ki Sul
2002Design and selection of AC machines for saliency-based sensorless controlIAS-Annual MeetingJung-Ik Ha; M. Ohto; Ji-Hoon Jang; Seung-Ki Sul
2002Sensorless operation of permanent magnet motor using direct voltage sensing circuitIAS-Annual MeetingYo-Chan Son; Bon-Ho Bae; Seung-Ki Sul
2002A novel active common-mode EMI filter for PWM inverterAPECYo-Chan Son; Seung-Ki Sul
2001Vector control of surface mounted permanent magnet motor without any rotational transducerAPECJi-Hoon Jang; Jung-Ik Ha; Seung-Ki Sul
2001A new anti-sway control scheme for trolley crane systemIAS-Annual MeetingYong-Seok Kim; Han-Suk Seo; Seung-Ki Sul
2001A compensation method for time delay of full digital synchronous frame current regulator of PWM AC drivesIAS-Annual MeetingBon-Ho Bae; Seung-Ki Sul
2001Sensorless position control and initial position estimation of an interior permanent magnet motorIAS-Annual MeetingJung-Ik Ha; K. Ide; T. Sawa; Seung-Ki Sul
2001Implementation of sensorless vector control for super-high speed PMSM of turbo-compressorIAS-Annual MeetingBon-Ho Bae; Seung-Ki Sul; Jeong-Hyeck Kwon; Jong-Sub Shin
2001Novel rotor flux observer using observer characteristic function in complex vector space for field oriented induction motor drivesAPECJang-Hwan Kim; Jong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
2001Conducted EMI in PWM inverter for household electric applianceIAS-Annual MeetingYo-Chan Son; Seung-Ki Sul
2000A new discontinuous PWM strategy of neutral-point clamped inverterIAS-Annual MeetingHee-Jung Kim; Dae-Woong Jung; Seung-Ki Sul
2000A new PWM strategy for common mode voltage reduction in neutral-point clamped inverter-fed AC motor drivesIAS-Annual MeetingHee-Jung Kim; Hyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
2000Suppression of vibration for elevator system using dead-time compensation with current predictionAMCYong-Won Choi; Jung-Ik Ha; Seung-Ki Sul; Dae-Woong Chung; Jun-Koo Kang; Geun-Ho Lee; Han-Jong Kim; Jea-Pil Lee
2000A new space vector pulsewidth modulation strategy for reducing ground to stator-neutral voltage in inverter-fed AC motor drivesAPECHyeoun-Dong Lee; Yo-Chan Son; Seung-Ki Sul
2000On-line compensation of friction loss for continuous strip processing lineIAS-Annual MeetingJeong-Uk Lee; Chang-Ho Choi; Seung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul; Dong-Seuk Hyun
2000Physical understanding of high frequency injection method to sensorless drives of an induction machineIAS-Annual MeetingJung-Ik Ha; Seung-Ki Sul
2000Improvement of low speed characteristics of railway vehicle by sensorless control using high frequency injectionIAS-Annual MeetingBon-Ho Bae; Gi-Bum Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
2000A new sensorless thrust control of linear induction motorIAS-Annual MeetingHyung-Min Ryu; Jung-Ik Ha; Seung-Ki Sul
2000A novel ride-through system for adjustable speed drives using common-mode voltageIAS-Annual MeetingYong-Seok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Acceleration feedback control strategy for improving riding quality of elevator systemIAS-Annual MeetingYoung-Min Lee; Jun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1999A new dynamic overmodulation strategy for high performance torque control of induction motorAPECDae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ki Sul
1999A new overmodulation strategy for traction driveAPECBon-Ho Bae; Sang-Hoon Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Design and control of multi-span tension simulatorIAS-Annual MeetingSeung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Initial rotor position detection of PMSM at standstill without rotational transducerIEMDCDae-Woong Chung; Jun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Common mode voltage reduction method modifying the distribution of zero voltage vector in PWM converter/inverter systemIAS-Annual MeetingHyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Automatic commissioning for vector controlled AC motors using Walsh functionsIAS-Annual MeetingHyun-Sung Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Operation analysis and new current control of parallel connected dual converter system without interphase reactorsIECONJun-Keun Ji; Seung-Ki Sul
1999A new phase detecting method for power conversion systems considering distorted conditions in power systemIAS-Annual MeetingSang-Joon Lee; Jun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Direct torque control of induction machine with variable amplitude control of flux and torque hysteresis bandsIEMDCJun-Koo Kang; Dae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Analysis and compensation of current sampling error in AC drive with discontinuous PWMAPECYo-Chan Son; Seung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul
1999A new configuration of drive system for high speed gearless elevatorIAS-Annual MeetingDae-Woong Chung; Hyung-Min Ryu; Young-Min Lee; Lo-Won Kang; Seung-Ki Sul; Seog-Joo Kang; Jun-Ho Song; Joong-Seok Yoon; Kil-Haeng Lee; Jong-Ho Seo
1999A common-mode voltage reduction in converter-inverter system by shifting active space vector in a sampling periodAPECHyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
1999Electro-mechanical re-adhesion control simulator for inverter-driven railway electric vehicleIAS-Annual MeetingWoo-Seok Kim; Yong-Seok Kim; Jun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1998On-line estimation of IGBT junction temperature using on-state voltage dropIAS-Annual MeetingYong-Seok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Torque control strategy for a parallel hybrid vehicle using fuzzy logicIAS-Annual MeetingEuh-Suh Koo; Hyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul; Joohn-Sheok Kim
1998Induction motor parameter tuning for high performance drivesIAS-Annual MeetingJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Position controlled synchronous reluctance motor without rotational transducerIAS-Annual MeetingSeog-Joo Kang; Jung-Ik Ha; Seung-Ki Sul
1998A new tension controller for continuous strip processing lineIAS-Annual MeetingSeung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Torque ripple minimization strategy for direct torque control of production motorIAS-Annual MeetingJun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1998Transient torque maximizing strategy of induction machine in field weakening regionPESCSeung-Ho Song; Jong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1998AC to AC power conversion based on matrix converter topology with unidirectional switchesAPECSiyoung Kim; Seung-Ki Sul; T. A. Lipo
1998Advanced gear shifting and clutching strategy for parallel hybrid vehicle with automated manual transmissionIAS-Annual MeetingHyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul; Han-Sang Cho; Jang-Moo Lee
1998An instantaneous speed observer for low speed control of AC machineAPECSeung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Diesel engine ripple torque minimization for parallel type hybrid electric vehicleIAS-Annual MeetingHyeoun-Dong Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Decoupling control of bridle rolls for steel mill drive systemIAS-Annual MeetingSeok-Ho Jeon; Jang-Mok Kim; Kyung-Chul Jung; Seung-Ki Sul; Jin-Young Choi
1997Optimal flux selection for maximum torque operation of an induction machine in the flux weakening regionPESCJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Optimal flux selection of an induction machine for torque maximizationIEMDCJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Unified PWM technique for real time power conversionPCCDae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ki Sul; Joohn-Sheok Kim
1997Vector control of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor without a shaft sensorAPECJang-Mok Kim; Seog-Joo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Sensorless field orientation control of an induction machine by high frequency signal injectionIAS-Annual MeetingJung-Ik Ha; Seung-Ki Sul
1997A new approach to advanced cold mill drive systemsIAS-Annual MeetingJul-Ki Seok; Dae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul; Byung-Ki Kwon; Ga-Woo Park; Won-Chang Shin; Eung-Sang Cho; Jin-Seop Lee; Chang-Ho Choi
1997Minimum-loss PWM strategy for 3-phase PWM rectifierPESCDae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Position sensorless control of synchronous reluctance motor using high frequency current injectionIEMDCSeog-Joo Kang; Jang-Mok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Control of unbalanced voltage PWM converter using instantaneous ripple power feedbackPESCJun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Analysis and design of three-phase boost PWM converter against power disturbancesPCCKi-Tae Park; Jun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1997A novel 3-phase AC current control technique with fast response and high accuracyAPECJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Application of nonlinear observers for elevator vibration controlIAS-Annual MeetingJun-Koo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1997A novel filter design for suppression of high voltage gradient in voltage-fed PWM inverterAPECSung-Jun Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1997Dynamic overmodulation characteristics of triangle intersection PWM methodsIAS-Annual MeetingA. M. Hava; Seung-Ki Sul; R. J. Kerkman; T. A. Lipo
1996Efficiency optimized vector control of synchronous reluctance motorIAS-Annual MeetingSeog-Joo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Thrust ripple free control of cylindrical linear synchronous motor using finite element methodIAS-Annual MeetingHeui-Wook Kim; Jung-Won Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Advanced control strategy of parallel hybrid low emission electric vehiclePETJung-Ik Ha; Euh-Suh Koo; Hyeoun-Dong Lee; Joohn-Sheok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Implementation of field oriented induction machine considering iron lossesAPECJong-Woo Choi; Dae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Highly dynamic torque control of synchronous reluctance motorPESCSeog-Joo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Torque steering control of 4-wheel drive electric vehiclePETU-Sok Chong; Eok Namgoong; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Fast current controller in 3-phase AC/DC boost converter using d-q axis cross-couplingPESCJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1996A new robust SPMSM control to parameter variations in flux weakening regionIECONJong-Hwan Song; Jang-Mok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Unified voltage modulation technique for real time three-phase power conversionIAS-Annual MeetingDae-Woong Chung; Joohn-Sheok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Torque maximizing control of permanent magnet synchronous motor under voltage and current limitations of PWM inverterAPECJong-Hwan Song; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Current measurement of digital field oriented controlIAS-Annual MeetingSeung-Ho Song; Jong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Voltage gradient suppression in application of voltage-fed PWM inverter to AC motor drives-resonant DC link inverter approachAPECDuk-Bae Suh; Jong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Analysis and compensation of current measurement error in vector controlled AC motor drivesIAS-Annual MeetingDae-Woong Chung; Seung-Ki Sul; Dong-Choon Lee
1996Pseudo-rotor flux oriented control for deep bar effect compensationIAS-Annual MeetingJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Overmodulation strategy for high performance torque controlPESCJul-Ki Seok; Jhoon-Sheok Kim; Jong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1996Improved dynamic performance of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drive in flux-weakening operationPESCJang-Mok Kim; Kitae Park; Seog-Joo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul; Jung-Lock Kwon
1996Design of fast response current controller using d-q axis cross-couplingIECONJong-Woo Choi; Heui-Wook Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1996A novel inertia identification method for speed control of electric machineIECONSeok-Joon Hong; Heui-Wook Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1996A new generator static excitation system using boost-buck chopperIECONHong-Woo Rhew; Seung-Ki Sul; Min-Ho Park
1995Accurate position control for AC servo motor using novel speed estimatorIECONHeui-Wook Kim; Jong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1995New approach for the low speed operation of the PMSM drives with rotational position sensorsPESCJoohn-Sheok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1995Speed control of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor drive for flux weakening operationIAS-Annual MeetingSang-Mok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1995High performance PMSM drives without rotational position sensors using reduced order observerIAS-Annual MeetingJoohn-Sheok Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1995New current control concept: minimum time current control in induction machine driveIECONJong-Woo Choi; Heui-Wook Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1995New current control concept-minimum time current control in 3-phase PWM converterPESCJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1995Direct torque control of the brushless DC motor with nonideal trapezoidal back EMFAPECSeog-Joo Kang; Seung-Ki Sul
1995A new overmodulation strategy for induction motor drive using space vector PWMAPECJul-Ki Seok; Seung-Ki Sul
1994A new motor speed estimator using Kalman filter in low speed rangeIECONHeui-Wook Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1994Voltage control strategy for maximum torque operation of an induction machine in the field weakening regionIECONSang-Hoon Kim; Seung-Ki Sul
1994New dead time compensation eliminating zero current clamping in voltage-fed PWM inverterIAS-Annual MeetingJong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1994Sensorless vector control of induction machine using high frequency current injectionIAS-Annual MeetingSung-Il Yong; Jong-Woo Choi; Seung-Ki Sul
1993DSP-based field oriented control of a load commutated current source inverter (LCCSI)-fed AC motor driveTENCONHyung-Soo Mok; Seung-Ki Sul; Min-Ho Park; Ki-Yong Kim
1993Torsional vibration suppression control in 2-mass system by state feedback speed controllerICCASeung-Ho Song; Jun-Keun Ji; Seung-Ki Sul; Min-Ho Park
1993DSP-based self-tuning IP speed controller and predictive current controller for rolling mill DC drivePCCJun-Keun Ji; Seung-Ho Song; Seung-Ki Sul; Min-Ho Park
1993State feedback current regulation with a full-order observer for GTO inverter fed induction motor drivesIECONDong-Choon Lee; Jun-Keun Ji; Seung-Ki Sul
1993Comparison of AC current regulators for IGBT inverterPCCDong-Choon Lee; Seung-Ki Sul; Min-Ho Park
1993LQG based speed controller for torsional vibration suppression in 2-mass motor drive systemIECONJun-Keun Ji; Dong-Choon Lee; Seung-Ki Sul
1993DSP-based self-tuning IP speed controller for rolling mill DC driveIECONJun-Keun Ji; Seung-Ki Sul
1992High performance current regulator for a field-oriented controlled induction motor driveIAS-Annual MeetingDong-Choon Lee; Seung-Ki Sul; Min-Ho Park