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Research Area
- System Design
- Motor Drive
- PWM/Inverter
- Control Board Design
- Power Quality/EMI
Project List
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System Design
  AC motor drive system in electric/hybrid vehicle
Super capacitor application to hybrid electric system
Control of electric propulsion system of vessels
Cold Mill System, Elevator, Crane, Excavator
Motor Drive
  Flux weakening control of AC motors
Control of AC machine at super high rotating speed
Position/Speed sensorless control of AC motors
Injection of high-frequency signal
Linear Motor Control
Power Converter
  Generalized PWM technique and its application to power converter
High frequency link based next generation high power conversion system
Capacitorless Inverter
Matrix Converter
Control Board Design
  Digital control board design
Current controller implemented in FPGA
Power Quality
  Minimization of harmonics and EMI/EMC of power converters
Line Interactive UPS
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