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We are working together with not only Korean companies but also foreign companies.
We welcome a sponsorship to our research & development. We are anxious to solve real industry problems. Anyone who has challenging practical industry problems in the field of power electronics, please contact me ( sulsk[no_spam]@plaza.snu.ac.kr).
( - please use my e-mail address without ‘[no_spam]’- )

We can work together to solve the problems. We are working day and night for the satisfaction of our sponsors, because that is our great pleasure.

Welcome to Power Electronics Laboratory in Seoul National University. The Laboratory was established in the electrical engineering department of S.N.U. in 1979. Professor Min-Ho Park, a pioneer of power electronics in Korea, now emeritus professor of S.N.U., guided the Lab. till 1989. 14 Ph. D.s and more than 40 Masters have graduated under his supervision. The tradition of the Lab. - Hard-work, application oriented research, and development of cutting edge technology - has been continued under the supervision of Professor Seung-Ki Sul, who was one of Ph. D. students of Prof. Park.

With the guidance of Prof. Sul, the Lab. has been expanded to world-wide. Under his supervision, since 1991, 36 Ph. D. and 64 master degrees have been granted in the field of power electronics. Most of them are now working for the industry and for the academia in Korea, but some of them are now working for several international companies. Since 1991, 90 papers have been published in the reviewed international journals, mainly IEEE transactions. Also, 227 papers have been presented at the international conferences, mainly IEEE sponsored. Prof. Sul is holding 11 international patents and 10 domestic ones. The followings are some of active research areas recently achieved in the Lab.

1. Flux weakening control of AC motors.
2. Position/Speed sensorless control of AC motors.
3. Generalized PWM technique and its application to power converter.
4. AC motor drive system in electric/hybrid vehicle.
5. Super capacitor application to hybrid electric system
6. Control of AC machine at super high rotating speed.
7. Control of electric propulsion system of vessels
8. Minimization of harmonics and EMI of power converters
9. High frequency link based next generation high power conversion system 
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Bldg.301 : +82-2-880-7251, 883-7641
Bldg.130 : +82-2-880-7991, 883-2878
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Bldg.130 : +82-2-883-0827
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Power Electronics Laboratory, Rm.618, Bldg. 301 (PO Box #024), School of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University San 56-1 Shillim-Dong, Kwanak-Gu, Seoul, Korea. 151-742
서울특별시 관악구 신림동 산 56-1 서울대학교 공과대학 전기공학부 301동 618호 전력전자연구실 사서함 #024 우:151-742
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